Expect Modern Thai Fare at Aroi Mak Mak

May 3, 2019

Specialty cocktails and contemporary Thai cuisine make up the menu at Aroi Mak Mak. Regulars particularly rave about the dry noodles or bamee hang. This popular dish features flat egg noodles dressed in a Thai-style soy sauce with a blend of veggies, including  Chinese broccoli, beansprouts, fried garlic, and fried onions, plus plump pork dumplings on top.

Other delicious options range from the luuk chin moo, a dish of pork meatballs in sweet chili sauce, to the kai jiao, a unique omelet stuffed with ground chicken or pork. If you want to try an artisan cocktail, the Sorry Sorry Sorry comes highly recommended. Its unexpected combination of mezcal and riesling converges with the floral and sweet flavors of bergamot, chrysanthemum, pineapple, and lime, along with Suze, a subtly bitter French aperitif. 

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