Sweetosaur Is a New Spot in Riverside for Ice Cream

Not many ice cream shops also offer free dinosaur rides, but it's pretty obvious from the second you step inside Sweetosaur that this isn't your average ice cream shop. Since Sweetosaur opened in May, its specialty shakes and waffles and ridable T-Rex have quickly earned it a legion of fans. After a long day, treat […]

Get Acquainted with These Budget-Friendly Restaurants Near UCR

There's no doubt that there are plenty of things to do near the University of California at Riverside. From shopping to entertainment, there's plenty to keep you occupied in your free time, including restaurants. But you don’t want to break the bank every time you go out to eat, either. Fortunately, there are plenty of […]

Don’t Miss These Popular Local Eateries in Riverside

It's no secret that living in Riverside affords you with plenty of opportunities to partake in local entertainment and attractions. However, in addition to the many museums, parks, and other local areas of interest in your neighborhood, there are also tons of restaurants in Riverside you may want to check out. Here are a few […]