Front Row Fireworks: 4th of July Fun for the Family

There's no greater display of patriotism than setting off a flashy display of fireworks on the 4th of July, and Riverside is a patriotic place. That's why it hosts Front Row Fireworks every year on Independence Day. The festivities begin a few hours before the fireworks actually light up the night sky at 5 p.m., […]

Throw It Way Back at Arcade Wednesdays at Pixels Bar

If you've ever found yourself suddenly jonesing for a game of Super Smash Bros or Street Fighter 4, but you can't dig out your old PlayStation, don't worry. Pixels bar has you covered. Every Wednesday night, the spot transforms from everyday dive bar into a '90s-era arcade complete with your favorite video games. Starting at […]

Stay Busy in Riverside at These Local Events

A community is more than just a place to call home. Living in Riverside, you’ll quickly realize that one of the ways to get plugged in is to attend any of its many annual events. Whether you like seeing indie flicks at film festivals or love the fun food at a fair, there is something […]