Enjoy a Unique Treat at Ice Eye Rolling Ice Cream

June 15, 2018

If you're still eating ice cream by the scoop, you're a little behind on culinary trends. Now you can eat ice cream by the roll. Come to Ice Eye Rolling Ice Cream, which just opened in May, to watch the ice cream artists at work. After you place your order, they mix all of the ingredients with liquid ice cream onto a freezing steel surface. The liquid freezes into a sheet of sweetness, which they shear into rolls and stuff into a cup.

Treat yourself to the Cookie Monster, a base of vanilla ice cream loaded with crushed Oreos. Dig into the Latte Lover, a rolled-ice cream sundae that features the flavors of coffee. Or try a more exotic creation like the Green Forest, a blend of matcha-infused ice cream and sweet red beans. If you prefer to build your own ice cream treat, that's an option, too—and toppings are unlimited.

Public Domain/Pixabay/orentodoros
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