Now Open Near Copper Wood: La Michoacana Ice Cream

September 7, 2018

The dessert bars that La Michoacana Ice Cream serves up aren’t your average popsicles. Case in point, creations like the arroz con leche, a sweet blend of milk and rice dusted with cinnamon, and the strawberries and cream drenched with a sweet red drizzle.

Since La Michoacana Ice Cream opened in May, unique Mexican treats like these have drawn customers through its doors. Most of the desserts make use of fresh fruit, like the popular mangonada. Its base of mango ice cream comes piled high with chunks of real mango and pineapple, all drizzled with a sweet sauce. Some of the eats walk the line between sweet and salty—like an apple coated with savory chamoy sauce—while others are strictly savory, like the elote, corn on the cob encrusted with cotija cheese, salt, chili powder, and other seasonings.

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