Try the Cheesecake at Baked Dessert Bar

When you’re in the mood for cheesecake, Baked Dessert Bar has the perfect snack-sized option for you. Its mini cheesecakes come layered artfully inside of mason jars, and they feature specialty flavors you wouldn’t expect. The bright purple ube cheesecake comes highly recommended. It features cheesecake infused with the purple yam (AKA ube) layered with […]

Now Open Near Copper Wood: La Michoacana Ice Cream

The dessert bars that La Michoacana Ice Cream serves up aren’t your average popsicles. Case in point, creations like the arroz con leche, a sweet blend of milk and rice dusted with cinnamon, and the strawberries and cream drenched with a sweet red drizzle. Since La Michoacana Ice Cream opened in May, unique Mexican treats […]

Snap a Selfie Among the Wildflowers at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

More than 22,000 California native plants make their home at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont. It encompasses 86 acres of carefully designed gardens, which contain rare and endangered plants as well as common, everyday blooms. So the next time you have a sunny afternoon to spare, head to the Rancho Santa Ana […]

Fukuoka Hakata Ramen Is a New Spot for Asian Cuisine in Chino Hills

It won't take you long to look over the menu at Fukuoka Hakata Ramen. It's a single page long and contains only one entree option: the Hakata ramen. However, with so many ways to customize and complement the ramen, it's still possible to build a totally unique meal at Fukuoka. The quality Asian cuisine and […]

Saddle Up at Prado Equestrian Center

Carol Serpa is equal parts entrepreneur and philanthropist, which makes her the perfect person to head up Prado Equestrian Center. Under her guidance, the '70s-era Prado Park Stables went from a one-arena, seven-horse show to an equestrian center capable of boarding more than 100 horses with five arenas. She's raised more than $40,000 for local […]

Sip on Something Sweet and Nutritious at Nature’s Juice

Freshly pressed juices, creamy fruit smoothies, and protein-packed shakes are all on the menu at Nature's Juice. It debuted in January, bringing these sippable sources of nutrition to Chino, along with a handful of antioxidant-rich acai bowls. If you're looking for something that's both sweet and healthy, stop by Nature's Juice and order one of […]

Enjoy Authentic Mexican Sweets at Loteria Candy

According to customers, the enthusiasm displayed by the owner of Loteria Candy is akin to that of, well, a kid in a candy store, and it's contagious. If you have a sweet tooth, let him point out some of his favorite Mexican candies for you at the shop, which just debuted in February. Even if […]

A New Asian Eatery Near Copper Wood: Inchin’s Bamboo Garden

Inchin’s Bamboo Garden dishes out cuisine that combines the flavors of India and China. A new offshoot of the chain opened in May right in Chino Hills, bringing this unique fusion fare to your neck of the woods. Since it offers a wide variety of both vegetarian and meat dishes, there's something for everyone on […]

Learn More About the Art Behind Olive Oil at Graber Olive House

When you buy olives at the grocery store, they typically all come in the same drab shade of black. That's not so with Graber Olives. These olives, grown in Ontario, Canada, are carefully plucked from the tree at peak ripeness (when they've just turned cherry-red) and cured in a way that allows them to retain […]

Ring In Independence Day at the Chino Fireworks Spectacular on June 30

On Saturday, July 30th, your community will celebrate the Fourth of July a few days early at the Chino Fireworks Spectacular. The festivities unfold at Ruben S. Ayala Park, and the lineup includes more than just fireworks. You can expect hot food, fun rides, and live music. Ride the Ferris wheel or take a spin […]