Aug. 16 Near Creekside Apartments: Silicon Valley Comic Con

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jason Momoa. Lou Ferrigno. Some of the biggest players in action and fantasy films will be on hand for this year’s Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), and this list is just the beginning. Whether you’re a fan of Harry Potter or obsessed with The X-Files, you’ll recognize some of the actors in the […]

Quick and Easy Updates for a Rental Kitchen

Just because you don’t technically own your kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t make any upgrades. As long as it’s temporary and won’t cause damage upon removal, you’re welcome to add as much flair to your rental kitchen as you like! Here are a few ways to do it. Dress up your cabinets. You don’t have […]

Save the Date for San Jose Veggiefest on Aug. 10

San Jose Veggiefest celebrates all aspects of healthy living, from eating nourishing foods to connecting with other members of your community. You’ll be able to do both at the outdoor festival, held at Martial Cottle Park on Saturday, August 10th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is free. Round up a few health-conscious friends […]

Beat the Heat This Summer With These Outdoor Workout Tips

It would be a shame to stay cooped up in the gym when the sun is shining outside! But the summer heat does present its own set of problems for outdoor workouts—the threats of heat exhaustion and sunburn, to name a few. Avoid common outdoor workout pitfalls with these tips. Dress (and apply sunscreen) accordingly. When […]

Tomorrow at Camino Brewing Company: Summer Jubilee

Silicon Valley Beer Week is coming up, which means you’ll have opportunities to try the best brews from businesses all over the area. Camino Brewing Co. is just one of the breweries participating, and it’s bringing back the Summer Jubilee. The event was such a hit last year that it was inevitable it would return […]

Move-In Essentials for First-Time Renters

If you’re brand new to renting, welcome! You might have a few questions about the best way to prepare for moving into your first place, like what to pack. This handy guide about move-in essentials will help you transition into your apartment with ease. Kitchen and pantry basics. If you’ve been living at home, in […]

Design the Perfect Summer Road Trip With These Tips

If you’re interested in taking a last-minute vacation this summer, but don’t want to brave the airport, a road trip is the perfect alternative. It’s affordable, flexible, and can be thrown together in a day or two. Here’s how to plan and prep for your summer road trip. Plan your travels and pit stops carefully… […]

June 29 Near Creekside Apartments: Wellness and Dance Fitness Festival

Experts from all areas of the health field will converge at 625 Wool Creek Drive in San Jose for the Wellness and Dance Fitness Festival on June 29th. The full-day outdoor fest is all about creating a greater sense of wellness throughout the city, starting with educating the public about what exactly healthy living entails. That’s […]

What to Expect During The Bash Music & Craft Beer Festival 2019

If you love live music and craft brews, you’ll find both of them at The Bash Music & Craft Beer Festival 2019. On Saturday, June 15th, the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose will play host to this annual celebration of local bands and regional craft breweries starting at noon (for VIP ticket holders). […]