How to Redecorate Your Apartment—for Free!

You don’t need to wait for a new season or a holiday to do a bit of decorating—nor do you need to break the bank! Revamp your decor any time of year without spending a single cent using these pro tips. Rearrange your furniture. Something as simple as swapping the sofa and loveseat will make […]

Open for Takeout Near Emerson at Cherry Lane: Mid Atlantic Seafood

From sandwiches and salads to specialty entrees, Mid Atlantic Seafood finds creative ways to incorporate fresh fish and shellfish into just about everything. Take, for example, the Caesar salad topped with plump shrimp and the sandwich stuffed with a salmon cake and pickles. These are just a couple of the options that await at Mid […]

Expect Modern Mexican Cuisine at CHI’BAL

Tender ribbons of fettuccine tossed in a creamy, fiery habanero sauce and loaded with plump, pan-seared shrimp. This is the type of inventive dish you can expect to find at CHI’BAL Mexican Kitchen, courtesy of creative chef Miguel Lara. He uses traditional Mexican food as his jumping-off point, but isn’t afraid to take risks in […]

3 Mocktails to Make With Your Homegrown Herbs

Has your windowsill garden been flourishing this spring? If you have some herbs that are ripe for the plucking, toss them into these sweet summer mocktails—which can easily be made boozy if that’s your preference! Mint-Berry Splash [Tasty]How does your crop of mint look right now? Trim a few leaves and muddle them with raspberries […]

Treat Yourself at Flowers Bakery in Laurel

One of three locations for this cafe, Flowers Bakery Laurel has a limited internet presence, yet their business and customer base is consistently expanding.  This is largely because their reputation precedes them: if you’ve tried one of their cakes at an event, there’s a good chance you wanted to ask where your host got such a delicious […]

Spring-Inspired Baked Goods to Sweeten Your Season

In the mood to do a bit of baking this spring? Take advantage of everything the season has to offer and skip the boxed brownies! Try these recipes instead, which feature ingredients that are in-season this time of year. Lemon Blueberry Bread [Taste of Home]This treat lands somewhere right between bread and pound cake, and […]

Satisfy a Sweet Tooth at Laurel’s Basket Treats

Lavish cupcakes. Over-the-top milkshakes. Customized spreads of sweets for special occasions. Veteran pastry chef Alexis Streets crafts these desserts and many more at Basket Treats in Laurel. It’s just one of the “dessert studios” where she shows off her artistry around the area. Come in to pick up a few treats the next time you get a […]

DIY-able Centerpieces for Spring and Summer

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, you’re probably craving sunshine all the time! Even when Mother Nature won’t oblige with sunny skies, you can still brighten up your home with a seasonable table centerpiece. Try DIYing one of these cute crafts.  Citrus Slice Centerpiece [HGTV]Citrus fruits are the stars of many spring dishes, so […]

How to Be a Great Modern-Day Pen Pal

Texting, calling, video-chatting—modern technology has made keeping in touch easier than ever. But still, there’s nothing quite like getting snail mail. There’s something nostalgic about it, like reading a paperback. And it’s nice to know someone cared enough to actually sit down with pen and paper! Revive the pen pal tradition, but make it modern […]

How to Redecorate Your Living Room for Better Energy

Feng shui is more than just an interior design approach. It’s more about bringing good energy to a space than decorating in a particular way. But aesthetic beauty and mood-boosting vibes do tend to go hand in hand, which is why you should apply these principles of feng shui to your own home. Add greenery. […]