A-Town Pizza and Kabob House: Where Afghan and Italian Cuisine Converge

April 7, 2017

Even though A-Town Pizza and Kabob House combines two seemingly disparate cuisines into a single menu, the juxtaposition of classic Italian dishes and traditional Afghan fare certainly seems to work for San Ramon eaters. Regulars love just about everything from the pizza to the bolani, so if you haven't been to A-Town before, it's time to make the trip.

The bolani comes in a few varieties, depending on the season. This savory Afghan pastry is stuffed with your choice of potatoes or leeks mixed with signature herbs and spices. Savory yogurt and chutney come on the side. If you're more interested in one of the gourmet pizzas, order something unique like the Pesto Chicken pie, the Barbecue Chicken Supreme, or the A-Town Special—the latter comes loaded with a whopping 20 toppings. Will you be visiting this week?

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