Treat a Sweet Tooth at Chocolate Works

July 13, 2018

Dessert lovers, rejoice: Chocolate Works just opened a new branch of its sweet shop near you in May, complete with a chocolate fountain for dipping snacks. True to its name, the store specializes in chocolate—but not just any chocolate. It offers high-quality, handcrafted Belgian chocolates, just as it has since the first shop opened back in 1973.

Come to the shop to grab yourself a sweet treat or pick up a box of chocolates for a special someone. If you're celebrating a special occasion, like an anniversary, skip the bubbly and pop champagne truffles in your mouth instead. If you're looking for a unique alternative to birthday cake, serve party guests some of the cupcake truffles instead. And when you just want something sweet and salty to munch on, treat yourself to pretzels dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with M&Ms.

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