Sip a Specialty Tea Drink at Boba Guys

December 7, 2018

The Boba Guys want to serve only the highest quality bubble teas, which is why they keep as much as possible in the family. They work exclusively with in-house tea company Tea People to source the best tea leaves, and they craft their own syrups and natural fruit purees. For the few ingredients that they need to outsource, like milk, the team trusts well-known names such as Califa Farms, Oatly, and Straus Family. 

The Boba Guys just debuted a new outpost in San Ramon last month, so you can sip on the high-quality boba teas whenever you want. Try something simple, like the Classic Black. This drink features Tea People black tea infused with brown sugar simple syrup, boba, and your choice of milk. If you’re craving something even sweeter, savor a specialty beverage like the Strawberry Cali-Pico, which features a blend of fresh strawberries with jasmine tea and low-fat kefir.

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