Beat the Heat This Summer With These Outdoor Workout Tips

July 26, 2019

It would be a shame to stay cooped up in the gym when the sun is shining outside! But the summer heat does present its own set of problems for outdoor workouts—the threats of heat exhaustion and sunburn, to name a few. Avoid common outdoor workout pitfalls with these tips.

  1. Dress (and apply sunscreen) accordingly. When you go for a winter run, you bundle up in extra layers and gloves. When you exercise outside in the summer, you should wear sweat-wicking, UV-protective clothing that will keep you cool, dry, and shielded from sunburn. Don’t forget to wear some waterproof sunscreen on your face and other exposed areas, as well.

  2. Avoid the peak heat. Working out on your lunch break might not be the best idea during the summer months. Instead, opt for early morning or later evening after the sun has started to go down. The temperature will be lower then, too. You might also want to look for a shady running route to avoid some of that summer heat.

  3. Drink tons of water. It’s important to drink water even when you’re not thirsty—by the time you feel physical thirst, you’re already starting to get dehydrated. Have a glass or two before you head out, drink at least every 15 minutes during your workout, and then guzzle some more water when you get home. Enlist electrolyte-infused drinks like Gatorade when your workout is longer or particularly intense.

  4. Take it easy. You might just have to change up your normal workout routine when you’re exercising outside in the heat. Cut your run a little short or set a slower pace to avoid overdoing it. And if you start to feel sluggish or woozy, that could be a sign of heat exhaustion, so that means it’s time to turn back.

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