Quick and Easy Updates for a Rental Kitchen

August 10, 2019

Just because you don’t technically own your kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t make any upgrades. As long as it’s temporary and won’t cause damage upon removal, you’re welcome to add as much flair to your rental kitchen as you like! Here are a few ways to do it.

  1. Dress up your cabinets. You don’t have to paint the cabinets to jazz them up. Instead, simply swap out the hardware for new knobs or pulls, or add contact paper to create an entirely different aesthetic. Save the original hardware to return to its proper place if you move (and remove the contact paper).

  2. Add a stylish (and temporary) layer to your countertops. Another place where contact paper comes in handy is the countertop. Choose a style of paper that evokes granite, quartz, or another popular type of counter material and simply smooth it out across your own counters.

  3. DIY an on-trend backsplash. Don’t forget about the walls, either. If you don’t currently have a backsplash, you can DIY one with a colorful temporary wallpaper or stick-on tiles, which look surprisingly similar to the real thing. Again, make sure you don’t forget to take down any DIYed backsplash once your lease is up.

  4. Just add a rug. You might not think an area rug belongs in a kitchen, but take a look at a few professionally designed kitchens online and you might change your mind. A colorful rug or runner might actually be exactly what you’re missing in the kitchen! Choose something that matches the kitchen’s color scheme and fits comfortably in the available space.

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