Don’t Skip the Dessert Pie at We, The Pizza

We, the People of the United States know our rights. Our right to endless amounts of pizza. A pizza made with fresh dough and handcrafted sauce. With more cheese than a person should eat at one time. Those are the values that we hold dear, and the folks at We, The Pizza are fighting for those rights […]

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality in 2020

Enlist a friend. Recruit a friend or coworker to join you in your journey to your goal. By buddying up, you’ll have someone holding you accountable and depending on you for companionship and moral support. In the end, you’ll be less likely to throw in the towel. Take baby steps. Break your resolution down into smaller, more […]

Ssong’s Hotdogs Debuts at The Mall in Columbia

Ssong´s Hotdog is a new addition to the Columbia area, having just opened this past October. This new spot offers more than your average hot dog—instead, Ssong’s features Korean hot dogs, a popular street food that resembles a corn dog more than the ballpark classic. Korean hot dogs are sausages that are battered and deep-fried!  […]

How to Host an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party

The fireworks, the drinks, the celebratory ambiance—what’s not to love about New Year’s Eve? If your idea of the perfect Dec. 31 includes all of the above—but not the uncomfortable formalwear and too-crowded bar scene—then consider hosting your own party on New Year’s Eve! Here are a few tips to help you host a party […]

Snag Your Tickets Now to Toby’s Dinner Theatre’s New Year’s Eve Event

New Years Eve is often a night of parties and loud music and fast paced environments. This year, switch it up at Toby’s Dinner Theater. The dinner theater is performing the holiday classic “A Christmas Story,” gracing the audience with tales of bunny suits, leg lamps and so much more. The doors for the event open […]

DIY Holiday Gifts They’ll Be Excited to Unwrap

Between the shopping and the parties, the hectic holiday season can really start to take its toll on your stamina—and your wallet! This year, keep your wallet full—and your stress level at a minimum—by making your own holiday gifts. Not only will your friends and family enjoy a meaningful gift made just for them, they’ll […]

Anyone Can Care for These Resilient Houseplants

Are you guilty of receiving a houseplant as a gift, only to quickly let it wilt and wither away? Even if you’re not exactly a natural when it comes to being a plant parent, there are still some houseplants hardy enough to withstand just about anything. Here are a few houseplants that practically anyone can […]

Don’t Miss The Hawthorn Center’s Holiday Craft Shop on Nov. 24

Instead of braving the bustling mall this time of year, kick off a season of shopping at the Hickory Ridge Community Associaton’s Holiday Craft Shop. It’s coming up on Sunday, November 24th at The Hawthorn Center, and it brings together a varied lineup of vendors who are ready to help with your holiday shopping. More […]

Must-Know Thanksgiving Hosting Tips for Renters

 You don’t have to have a huge home in order to host Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re willing to think outside the box, you’ll have no trouble fitting your whole crew into your apartment! Here’s how to do it. Get creative with dining areas. If your dining room or eat-in kitchen is simply too small to […]