Frito Chicken: Calling All Comfort Food Fans

If you're not a fan of poultry, you should probably pass Frito Chicken right on by. True to its name, the eatery specializes in chicken—but it's more than just one signature recipe. The kitchen team dishes out rotisserie-roasted chicken, fried chicken, wings and tenders, and chicken sandwiches. Come to Frito Chicken to taste the comfort […]

Rocket Frog Brewing Company: A New Craft Brewery Comes to Sterling

Rocket Frog Brewing Company only hit your craft beer scene in May, but it's poised to become a favorite local watering hole. It was launched by a pair of twin brothers, the Hartogs, who come from a long line of beer-lovers. Their father was born in Belgium and their brother lived in San Diego for […]

DIY Craft Suds with Expert Help at The Craft of Brewing

The Craft of Brewing is more than just a taproom. It's a place where homebrewers and homebrewers-to-be can hone their skills. Since the microbrewery debuted in March, its team of master brewers have helped local beer enthusiasts embrace their inner brewer. The Craft of Brewing boasts in-house brew stations where you can come to whip […]

Celebrate the Season at the Strawberry Jubilee at Great Country Farms

Smack dab in the middle of strawberry season, the Strawberry Jubilee at Great Country Farms celebrates the sweet fruit. On the weekends of May 26th and June 2nd, this fruit-centric festival will take over Great Country Farms on Saturday and Sunday. The fields will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with strawberries ripe […]

Contribute to a Worthy Cause at the Ringing in Hope Race on Memorial Day

When soldiers return from combat, reintegration into civilian society isn't an instantaneous process—far from it. Boulder Crest Retreat in Bluemont eases the transition for these returning heroes and their families. The wellness retreat provides therapies rooted in evidence to ensure that veterans are physically, emotionally, spiritually, and economically sound before heading back home permanently. The […]

LIDL Provides Gourmet Grub at Bargain Prices

There aren't many grocery stores where you can pick up a beach tent and a toolbox just a few steps away from the produce section, and that's part of what makes LIDL so distinct. The German-born market specializes in high-quality food first and foremost, but likes to delight its customers with an ever-changing selection of […]

Shop Unique, Artisan-Made Gifts at Zazu

If you've been searching all over town for the perfect gift for a friend, but to no avail, head to Zazu. This cute boutique tends to get packed around the holidays, a surefire sign that its shelves are stocked with eclectic gifts that appeal to a wide variety of recipients. And, of course, you can […]

Get Acquainted With Bike TrAle Brewing at the Grand Opening on April 28

If you're really tuned into the local brewery scene, then you might already know what Bike TrAle Brewing opened back in October, but don't worry if you hadn't noticed. The new craft brewery is only now celebrating its grand opening. Come out to the Bike TrAle Brewing Grand Opening on Saturday, April 28th to get […]

Try the Butter Chicken Pie at Chicago’s Pizza With A Twist

The pizza chefs at Chicago’s Pizza With A Twist aren't afraid to get a little creative with their pies. You can taste the evidence in pizzas featuring paneer crusts, topped with pesto, paneer cheese, spinach, red onions, green chilies, garlic, ginger, and fresh cilantro (the palak paneer pizza). Even pizzas with traditional crusts convey unexpected […]

Bring Your Pup to the Dog Days Bloom Festival on April 14-15

If your pup is craving some fresh air this spring, bring him to the Dog Days Bloom Festival for a few hours of fun. The fest will unfold at Great Country Farms on April 14th and 15th at the newly opened Big Red Barn by the Pond. From a dog-friendly playground to a canine fetching […]