The Fremont Community Festival Returns June 15!

Father’s Day weekend is coming up quickly, and in lieu of a gift this year, you might want to plan to spend an entire day with your dad. That’s easy to do in Fremont thanks to the convenient scheduling of this year’s Fremont Community Festival, slated for Saturday, June 15th, just a day before Father’s Day. […]

Koja Kitchen Brings Modern Korean Food to Fremont

The chef at Koja Kitchen finds creative ways to combine Korean food with American influences, as evidenced by signature dishes like The Original Koja. This sandwich comes between a pair of fried garlic-rice buns, loaded with Korean barbecue short rib, lettuce dressed in a sesame vinaigrette, katsu aioli, and sesame seeds. If you’re looking for something […]

Must-Know Tips for Styling an Apartment Patio or Balcony

Outdoor space is a hot commodity among renters, so when you’re lucky enough to snag some, you shouldn’t let it go to waste. No matter how small or spacious your balcony is, you can still put it to good use if you’re willing to get creative. Follow these tips to maximize your outdoor space. Pick […]

May 25 Near Marbaya: Fremont Burger and Brew Fest

Beer and burgers go together like peanut butter and jelly, which is why the pair headlines the Fremont Burger and Brew Fest every year. The festival will return to downtown Fremont for its 2019 stint on Saturday, May 25th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s slated to unfold along Capital Avenue between Liberty Street and […]

Hopping Beans Cafe Is Now Open Near Marbaya

Crepes and coffee await at the newly debuted Hopping Beans Cafe, and they’re both earning rave reviews. Turn your attention to the chalkboard menu to select a sweet or savory crepe for breakfast. The Nutella crepe comes slathered with the chocolaty spread and your choice of bananas or strawberries, while the breakfast crepe features scrambled eggs, […]

Dessert Is an Artform at El Frutiloco

If you’ve never eaten an ice cream sundae out of a watermelon, you’re missing out. El Frutiloco can fix that. Its staff crafts crazy fruit confections—hence the shop’s name—including the sandia tropical. They slice off half of a watermelon and load it up with ice cream, more fresh fruit, ample amounts of whipped cream, and […]

Take a DIY Approach to Your Dinner at Superhot Hotpot & Korean BBQ

If you’ve yet to try hotpot cooking, plan a visit to the newly opened Superhot Hotpot & Korean BBQ. It’s similar to fondue in that you sear your own food in a bubbling pot at your own table, but the boiling base consists of a savory soup. Each table is also equipped with a grill where […]

Try the Matcha Ice Cream at Uji Time Desserts in Newark

If you like your ice cream in a cone, Uji Time Desserts has a special treat in store. Its staff bakes the fish-shaped taiyaki cones fresh in-house, and fills them with soft-serve while they’re still a bit warm. The signature cones are rooted in Japanese tradition, as are the unique ice cream flavors at Uji Time. […]

Bun Appétit Donuts Is Now Open Near Marbaya

Dense, sweet cream cheese on the inside, a guava glaze and crushed cookies on the outside. This is the fittingly named guava cheesecake doughnut, one of Bun Appétit Donuts’ signature creations. Like the other raised doughnuts, bakers craft the guava cheesecake from brioche dough that rises for a full 24 hours before they embellish it. […]