Feast on Local Fare at the Summer Pig Roasts at Pizzeria Delfina Palo Alto

What began as an offshoot of Annie and Craig Stoll's upscale Italian eatery in 2005 has expanded into its own bonafide business known as Pizzeria Delfina. Pizzeria Delfina now boasts three locations, including one near you right in Palo Alto. The neighborhood eatery is the perfect setting for Summer Pig Roasts all season long, including […]

La Chilindrina: Mexican Street Food That’s Worth the Wait

When food truck fare is so good that customers have no problem waiting 30 minutes for it, you know something special is happening in that mobile kitchen. And that's the case for patrons of La Chilindrina who regularly spend their lunch breaks eagerly awaiting their Mexican eats from the food truck. Whether you go for […]

Celebrate the Myanmar New Year This May in Union City

On Sunday, May 28th, the Myanmar Community and Cultural Center Committee welcomes revelers for a celebration of the Myanmar New Year. The party starts at 10 a.m. and runs most of the day until 3 p.m. Throughout the day, guests can enjoy traditional dance performances, authentic food from different parts of Myanmar, cultural exhibitions, and […]

Learn About the History of Your Area at Old Mission San Jose and Museum

Visitors and locals of Fremont alike have the unique opportunity to explore a building that was founded in 1797. Old Mission San Jose and Museum is a significant historical site that was founded in the 18th century to secure Spain’s claim on California in San Jose. Today, guests of the Mission can either wander through […]

Help Keep Newark Beautiful: Clean Up Day at the Lake

Being a member of the Newark community means doing your part in keeping it beautiful, which is why you should consider participating in Clean Up Day at the Lake. Not only is it an opportunity to come out and lend a hand to your hard-working city officials, it's also a good chance to socialize and […]

Sample Inventive Sweets at Alegio Chocolate

The tale of Alegio Chocolate begins about 40 years ago when founder Claudio Corallo first broke into the coffee business. He lived and worked in Africa learning all about the coffee trade, and along the way he also gathered knowledge about how to grow the best cacao beans. As he ran coffee plantations there with […]

Sip Bubble Tea at Gong Cha

Offering exclusively high-quality teas, Gong Cha serves some of the finest drinks around for all of its customers. Gong Cha serves an assortment of coffees and juices too, but it's most popular for the wide range of tea and tea-infused beverages such as the delicious bubble teas in varieties like passion fruit green tea, the […]

Learn About Local Railroad History at the Niles Depot Museum

Locals with an interest in trains should pay a visit to the oft-overlooked Niles Depot Museum, a local museum that features model railroads, railroad displays, and artifacts from the golden age of railroad travel. The exhibitions throughout the museum focus on some of the first railroads that traveled through Fremont, Newark, and Union City and […]

Enjoy Indie Flicks at the Oakland International Film Festival

You don't have to venture to Los Angeles to experience a film premiere; just buy tickets to the Oakland International Film Festival. True to its name, this film fest brings in movie-makers from all around the globe, but it also hosts some artists who hail from Oakland and the surrounding communities. Regardless of their origins, […]

Enjoy a Bunch of Water-Centric Activities at Quarry Lakes

Swimming. Boating. Fishing. Regardless of how you like to enjoy the water, you'll be able to find a recreational endeavor that suits your tastes at Quarry Lakes. The water-centric park is really rooted in the large lakes, Horseshoe Lake and Rainbow Lake, which host a slew of fun activities when the weather is warm. Even […]