Mr. Dewie’s Serves Up Sweets for All Diets

Brothers Andrew and Ari Cohen love dessert, but they couldn’t always find treats that suited their needs. The task proved somewhat challenging because they avoided all dairy, gluten, and soy—products that were often found in commercially made ice creams. That’s why they decided to open Mr. Dewie’s, a shop dedicated to ice cream crafted from cashew […]

Now Open Near Oak Walk: King of Kabab in Berkeley

The moment you step inside of the newly opened eatery King of Kabab, one aspect of its kitchen will probably catch your eye: the slowly rotating spit of lamb and beef gyro meat. The chef shaves slivers of the meat directly from the spit and stuffs them inside fresh pita bread or layers them on platters […]

Must-Know Tips for Styling an Apartment Patio or Balcony

Outdoor space is a hot commodity among renters, so when you’re lucky enough to snag some, you shouldn’t let it go to waste. No matter how small or spacious your balcony is, you can still put it to good use if you’re willing to get creative. Follow these tips to maximize your outdoor space. Pick […]

Climb Aboard an East Bay Waterfront History Cruise

The Emeryville Marina and its banks have played host to a cast of legendary figures over the course of its history, and Liam O’Donoghue is acquainted with all of them. That’s what makes the local historian the perfect person to take the helm (figuratively) at the East Bay Waterfront History Cruise. On Friday, May 17th, […]

Check Out Tiny Garage Concert Night at Boonation Custom Cycles

Every third Friday of the month, Boonation Custom Cycles opens its garage door to the sidewalk and invites the public to enjoy Tiny Garage Concert Night. A new local band hosts the concert every month, so even if you’ve been to a previous installment, you should still come out to the next Tiny Garage Concert […]

What Your Go-To Blend at Kilovolt Coffee?

Sightglass Coffee roasts its own beans in San Francisco and ships out the gourmet java to nearby cafes like Kilovolt Coffee. The Oakland coffeehouse has earned many rave reviews thanks to its collaboration with the local roaster, which results in bold cups of joe that keep customers coming back. Savor a simple cup of drip coffee […]

Become a Java Expert at The Crown

The Crown isn’t exactly a coffeehouse. Rather, it’s a “Royal Coffee Lab and Tasting Room.” It hosts courses for aspiring coffee experts and baristas, offers tastings and workshops to the general public, and sells artisan coffee by the pound. If you’re interested in learning more about java, come to a public tasting. Each tasting covers […]

April 21 Near Oak Walk: Berkeley Earth Day

Earth Day rolls around every spring, presenting an opportunity to honor Mother Nature and find fresh ways to preserve her resources. Berkeley Earth Day promises expert advice about steps you can take toward a more sustainable future, not just for Berkeley, but for the earth as a whole. It’s slated for Sunday, April 21st at The […]

Super Duper Burgers Brings Artisan Burgers to Emeryville

If you asked a staff member at Super Duper Burgers exactly where an ingredient came from, they’d probably be able to point you directly to a specific producer, most likely local. For instance, the beef hails from Brandt Farms, where cows are humanely raised and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. The local Straus Family Creamery provides […]

Take Part in Emeryville’s Earth Day Shoreline Cleanup

If you enjoy the perks of living close to the ocean, give back to Mother Nature by taking part in the 2019 Earth Day Shoreline Cleanup. Every year, in honor of Earth Day, people from around the community come together to do their part for the great outdoors, at the very beaches where they enjoy the […]