Order the Burger at Lovely’s in Oakland

September 28, 2018

Lovely's is an unconventional eatery that debuted in Oakland last summer. You'll find it inside of The Lodge, a trendy bar inspired by old-school hunting lodges. Lovely's takes over the kitchen Wednesdays through Saturdays only—another local chef lays claim to the space Sunday through Tuesday. So when Lovely's crew is in the kitchen, make sure to stop by The Lodge for a burger.

Its signature burger is delicious topped simply with cheese or loaded with gourmet ingredients, like chili or crispy strips of bacon. You can also add on traditional extras lettuce and tomato upon request. Craving chicken? Lovely's fried chicken sandwich entices taste buds, too. You can also skip the meat and try the house-made veggie burger or the seasonal farmers' market salad, which changes weekly. Complement your meal with a side of crispy hand-cut fries, fried mushrooms, or a sweet slice of pie.

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