Share a Specialty Pie at Sliver Pizzeria in Berkeley

November 9, 2018

Even on those rare chilly days in Berkeley, the patio at the new Sliver Pizzeria remains open. Heat lamps provide extra warmth, so you can still opt to sit outside or snag a table indoors. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy live music and the day’s specialty pizza, which changes each morning when the eatery opens (cheese and vegan pies are always options, too).

These pies always feature strictly vegetarian ingredients, so even guests who avoid meat can indulge. For instance, you might see a pie loaded with broccoli, corn, baby heirloom tomatoes, French feta cheese, mozzarella, and an avocado spread in lieu of tomato sauce. Or you could find a pizza topped with asparagus tips, cremini mushrooms, balsamic-tossed peppers, aged gruyere cheese, and mozzarella on the menu. Regardless of the exact ingredients, it’s always safe to expect the unexpected at Sliver Pizzeria.

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