Sip a Winter Specialty Drink at Berkeley’s Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

November 23, 2018

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea’s founder hails from a multi-generational line of pineapple farmers, so the foray into fruit tea was a natural step. Equipped with the pineapple jam recipe of the family’s matriarch, the innovator created the pineapple green tea, just one of the many fruit-infused beverages on the menu at Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea. The small chain debuted its first West Coast shop in Berkeley this September, so now you can try the all-natural teas for yourself.

Instead of using artificial ingredients, the tea house’s team enlists house-made organic cane sugar and fresh seasonal fruits to subtly sweeten their teas. Come to Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea to sip on a signature pineapple green tea, lemon mountain tea, or winter melon lemonade. You can also try a tea latte infused with your choice of milk and black tea, green tea, or even brown sugar and tapioca pearls. Check out the winter specialty drinks on the menu, too, like the lemon-ginger tea.

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