Explore the Flavors of Ethiopian Fare at Shewat in Oakland

December 14, 2018

If you love the complex flavors of Ethiopian food, you’ll be happy to know that Shewhat opened in Oakland last summer. The eatery specializes in authentic Ethiopian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even if you’ve never so much as tasted injera (the spongy flatbread that accompanies almost every meal), you’re welcome to come to Shewat for a bite of international fare.

Stop in for breakfast to try the ge’at, a warm barley porridge crowned with a pat of gooey butter, spiced with berbere, and served with yogurt on the side. For lunch or dinner, opt for a traditional dish like the tibsy. It features pan-roasted strips of beef seared with butter, garlic, onions, and a blend of mild spices. Skip the meat and order the Shewat veggie combo, which showcases red and yellow lentils, spinach, and a house salad. Scoop up any extra bits of food with a piece of the injera bread.

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