Enjoy Filipino Fare at FOB Kitchen

January 11, 2019

FOB Kitchen used to reside in San Francisco, but a couple months ago, the popular eatery made the move to Oakland. Back in November, the restaurant opened with a menu of the same inventive Filipino food that earned the original location so much buzz. The rave reviews are already rolling in for this new spot.

Start with the Shanghai lumpia, a Filipino version of the spring roll. The chef stuffs it with pork, carrots, and water chestnuts, then serves it with sweet chili sauce. You can also try the sticky wings dressed in a blend of caramel, ginger, garlic, Thai chili, and fish sauce. For the main course, devour a signature dish like the bistek, a Creekstone grass-fed ribeye steak marinated in soy sauce, lemon, and onions. Try the black vinegar and fried garlic brussels sprouts on the side. Wash down your meal with a specialty cocktail such as the Mabuhay Mule, a mix of vodka, lampanog (a Filipino liquor), eau de vie, calamansi (a Filipino fruit), and ginger. 

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