Learn to Screenprint at The Grease Diner

January 18, 2019

The Grease Diner might sound like an old-school restaurant, but it’s actually an art studio. The independently owned studio focuses on the art of screen-printing. Tuesday through Saturday, The Grease Diner offers open studio time for artists who screen-print with very little oversight. Then on Saturday, it hosts group classes.

These classes cover the basics of screen-printing on t-shirts, totes bags, and paper. All you need to bring along is an image you want to recreate in the studio—perhaps a favorite photo or a logo for an upcoming event. The Grease Diner provides all the equipment and instruction you need to make your masterpiece. You have options for a few different classes, including printing a dark image on light fabric, printing a light image (in white ink) on dark fabric, or printing fine art on paper.

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