Explore Modern Vietnamese Fare at Co Nam

February 22, 2019

Co Nam opened its doors in November with a menu of contemporary, upscale Vietnamese food and a modern space to match. The kitchen dishes out everything from pho to banh mi, as well as a slew of unique street foods. You can even build your own bowl of noodles, rice, or salad with your choice of protein and a medley of signature herbs and spices.

If you want to savor the signature pho, choose between filet mignon or chicken. The chef will do the rest, combining a flavorful broth with fresh noodles, white onions, scallions, and cilantro. The remaining ingredients come on the side so you can choose how much of each to add, which also allows you to choose your level of spice. Interested in taste-testing a few street foods? Your options range from chicken liver with jalapeno glaze to shrimp lollipops with pesto dipping sauce. 

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