Roommate Drama? Here’s How to Keep the Peace

September 13, 2019

Living with other people can be fun and rewarding, but it also comes with certain challenges. It takes a while to learn how others operate on a daily basis, and there can be bumps along the way. If you find yourself butting heads with one of your roommates, follow these tips to bring everything back into balance.

  1. Agree on ground rules ahead of time. Before you even have the chance to disagree on something, set some boundaries. Sit down with new roommates and hammer out an informal contract that includes anything that could become a point of contention, from the division of household chores to quiet hours. Discussing these issues upfront could help you to avoid problems down the road.

  2. Speak up at the first sign of a problem. Inevitably, you’ll forget something in your household contract! So when the unexpected arises, nip it in the bud before resentment starts to fester. Communicate directly and honestly with your roommates when you have a concern so you can fix a minor problem before it becomes a big one.

  3. Take a breather and regroup. On the rare occasion that a disagreement escalates into a full-blown argument, you can still get back on track. Instead of engaging in a heated conversation when tensions are high, take a break and get out of the apartment for a bit. Chat with a friend or just grab a cup of coffee and gather your thoughts, then return to the conversation later when everyone has cooled down.

  4. Simply say, “I’m sorry.” Your roommates may be the ones in the wrong sometimes, but every now and then, you could find yourself on the other side of that equation. When this is the case, don’t let pride stand between you and reconciling with your roommates. Admit that you’re the one at fault and apologize. This will enable you to move forward quickly instead of staying locked in an argument.

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