How to Add Dimension to a Rental With Area Rugs

September 27, 2019

If you want to spruce up your space without doing a total home makeover, you might only need to add a single accent: an area rug. The huge variety of shapes, styles, and hues mean that there’s an area rug out there for everyone, regardless of your taste. Here’s how to bring some extra dimension to your apartment with a new area rug.

  1. Layer a rug on top of the carpet. If you think throw rugs are just for hardwood floors, think again. You can actually add a patterned piece on top of a neutral carpet to achieve a stylish look. It’s also a good way to distinguish one area from another in a larger room.

  2. Add a runner to the kitchen (or dining room table). The living room and bedroom are obvious places to add a carpet, but have you ever considered putting one in your kitchen? A colorful runner can really enhance the appearance of a narrow kitchen, and smaller runners might even work as an accent for your dining room table!

  3. Get playful with patterns. Don’t feel like you have to choose a single hue or pattern to use throughout your entire home. Pick a few different area rugs in coordinating colors or patterns and sprinkle them throughout your apartment, or even spread them out in neighboring spaces. The result will be a cheerful, boho-chic look.

  4. Take it up off the floor. If you’re really feeling creative, abandon tradition entirely and transform your rug into an unexpected wall hanging. When you choose to do this, opt for a rug that really makes a statement with bold colors and patterns. 

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