Order the Burger at Lovely’s in Oakland

Lovely's is an unconventional eatery that debuted in Oakland last summer. You'll find it inside of The Lodge, a trendy bar inspired by old-school hunting lodges. Lovely's takes over the kitchen Wednesdays through Saturdays only—another local chef lays claim to the space Sunday through Tuesday. So when Lovely's crew is in the kitchen, make sure […]

Slurp Soba Noodles at Soba Ichi, a New Restaurant Near Oak Walk

Even though the restaurant just debuted in June, Soba Ichi's 100% buckwheat noodles (Jyuwari soba) are already so popular that there's usually a line of foodies waiting for them when the doors open. Be among the first to hit the sign-up sheet at 11 a.m. if you want to be guaranteed a bowl of the […]

A New Shabu-Shabu Eatery Near Oak Walk: Hancook

If you like to have full control over the cooking of your meal—but you'd rather not do the prep work—the Japanese style of shabu-shabu cuisine is the perfect option. You pick the meats and veggies you want to eat, as well as the broth you'd like them seared in, and then the server brings everything […]

What’s Your Go-To Order at A+ Burger?

Whether you want to treat yourself to an indulgent meal or keep your lunch on the lighter side, newly opened A+ Burger has options for you. Its menu encompasses everything from juicy beef burgers to rice bowls loaded with lean proteins and veggies. Carnivores can sink their teeth into the signature A+ Burger. The chef […]

Don’t Skip the Housemade Leche Flan at Likha

"Likha" means "to create," so it's the perfect moniker for the Filipino pop-up restaurant that's currently operating out of the kitchen at Hometown Heroes. Likha's chefs Bobby Punla and Jan Dela Paz create contemporary "merienda" (snacks) and "ulam" (main dishes) that pay homage to their Filipino-American roots. Since it opened in June, Likha has drawn […]

Sip on Salted Plum Soda at Holy Basil Pho

Salted plum soda, Tamarind-Ade, and ginger-infused lemonade are a few of the exotic beverages on the menu at Holy Basil Pho. They're all prime examples of the ingenuity of the kitchen team, which crafts Vietnamese food and drink with creative twists. Since Holy Basil Pho made its grand debut in March, local foodies have quickly […]

Creative Italian Cuisine Awaits at In The Wood

Wood-fired pork meatballs smothered with chorizo red sauce. Pasta or cauliflower tossed in a creamy cheese sauce and encrusted with breadcrumbs. House-made shrimp ceviche paired with fresh tostadas. These are a handful of the small plates on the menu at In The Wood, a contemporary Italian bistro in Elmwood. In addition to small plates, In […]

Grab an Artisan Sandwich and Craft Beer at Stay Gold Deli

Fresh sandwiches, craft beer and fine wine, and vintage pinball machines come together to create a fun, hip spot known as Stay Gold Deli. The eatery just opened in March, but it's already attracted some rave reviews. It's the small touches, like house-made pickles and vegan options, that really make Stay Gold Deli different. The […]

Enjoy Authentic Thai Street Food at Bird & Buffalo

A bird perched atop the head of a buffalo serves as a symbol of Thai heritage. It also serves as the inspiration for Bird & Buffalo, a fresh eatery that opened in Oakland in January. The chef pulls dishes from the classic street food of Thailand in a space as simple as the menu, washed […]