Support Local Artisans and Entrepreneurs at Head West Marketplace

If you're a firm believer in buying locally and supporting small businesses, do some shopping at Head West Marketplace. The pop-up market features artisans and small businesses from around the area, each handpicked by their fellow entrepreneur Jimmy Brower of West Perro, a desert-inspired lifestyle brand from Oakland. The next Head West Marketplace at Bay […]

Slurp Soba Noodles at Soba Ichi, a New Restaurant Near Oak Walk

Even though the restaurant just debuted in June, Soba Ichi's 100% buckwheat noodles (Jyuwari soba) are already so popular that there's usually a line of foodies waiting for them when the doors open. Be among the first to hit the sign-up sheet at 11 a.m. if you want to be guaranteed a bowl of the […]

Berkeley Symphony: Expand Your Cultural Horizons

The 2018-2019 season of the Berkeley Symphony is just about to get underway in October, but before it does, you can expect another installment of its year-round chamber series at the Piedmont Center for the Arts. Vitamin Em & Vivaldi features Vivaldi's Concerto No. 4 in F Minor, along with pieces by Mozart and Handel. […]

A New Shabu-Shabu Eatery Near Oak Walk: Hancook

If you like to have full control over the cooking of your meal—but you'd rather not do the prep work—the Japanese style of shabu-shabu cuisine is the perfect option. You pick the meats and veggies you want to eat, as well as the broth you'd like them seared in, and then the server brings everything […]

What’s Your Go-To Order at A+ Burger?

Whether you want to treat yourself to an indulgent meal or keep your lunch on the lighter side, newly opened A+ Burger has options for you. Its menu encompasses everything from juicy beef burgers to rice bowls loaded with lean proteins and veggies. Carnivores can sink their teeth into the signature A+ Burger. The chef […]

Stock Up on Fresh Produce at Berkeley Bowl West

When the original Berkeley Bowl opened its doors in 1977, it was just a small, independent market. But by 1999, it had outgrown that original modest space and relocated to a 40,000-square-foot building on Oregon Street. Ten years later, the full-service supermarket launched a second location near your home, Berkeley Bowl West. Berkeley Bowl West […]

What’s Your Favorite Roast at The Ubuntu Coffee Cooperative?

The Ubuntu Coffee Cooperative takes its name from a South African philosophy of harmony. "Ubuntu" refers to the belief that success comes second to compassion and love for others. That's why this small coffee-roasting cooperative only prepares Fair Trade coffee, ensuring that workers around the world are compensated appropriately and treated well. They also opt […]

Shop Locally Made Art and Crafts at Rare Bird

Candle-making, tapestry-weaving, and screen-printing are just a few of the trades you can pick up at Rare Bird. The small boutique stocks a collection of locally sourced arts and crafts, and it also hosts workshops that teach attendees how to make their own. So whether you want to pick up a pre-made masterpiece or have […]

Tip Back a Cold One at Hometown Heroes East Bay

If you haven't been to Hometown Heroes East Bay, which opened at the beginning of June, you're missing out—and not just on artisan cocktails. The friendly community sports bar serves innovative Filipino fare from brunch to happy hour, so it's always a good time to meet friends for a few drinks and the unique noshes. […]

Don’t Skip the Housemade Leche Flan at Likha

"Likha" means "to create," so it's the perfect moniker for the Filipino pop-up restaurant that's currently operating out of the kitchen at Hometown Heroes. Likha's chefs Bobby Punla and Jan Dela Paz create contemporary "merienda" (snacks) and "ulam" (main dishes) that pay homage to their Filipino-American roots. Since it opened in June, Likha has drawn […]