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Cooking Herbs That Are Easy to Grow Indoors

Nothing beats a bundle of freshly picked herbs from the farmers’ market—besides, of course, herbs that are grown right in your own apartment! You may be surprised to learn that there are a number of cooking herbs that can easily be grown indoors, provided that the conditions are just right. Here are three of them! […]

Spring Decorating Tips for Apartment Dwellers

Spring has finally sprung! For many, this time of year is synonymous with warmer temperatures, longer days, and the urge to redecorate their home to reflect the new season. Read on for three tips to help you refresh your apartment for spring! Tidy up. Declutter and reorganize your apartment so that you can decorate with […]

Irish-Inspired Recipes to Cook Up This St. Patrick’s Day

While many associate St. Patrick’s Day with green-tinged beer and heady pints of Guinness, some of the holiday’s more delicious libations are enjoyed outside the glass! If you’d rather spend this St. Paddy’s Day at your apartment instead of at the pub, try cooking up these authentic Irish recipes. They’re sure to bring a deliciously […]

Three Alternatives to Help Kick Your Coffee Habit in 2021

Maybe you used to grab a single cup of coffee on your way into the office. But now that you work from home, you could find yourself consuming an entire pot over the course of the day—or more. If your New Year’s resolution was to cut back on coffee, here are a few other hot […]

Comforting Seasonal Desserts for Cozy Winter Nights

When you think of seasonal produce, you probably think of summertime farmers’ markets. But fresh fruits and vegetables are actually growing year-round—including right now. These recipes highlight seasonal produce in sweet and unexpected ways. Sweet Potato Marshmallow Bars [Just a Pinch]These sweet potato bars are kind of like a throwback to Thanksgiving! But this updated […]

Unexpected Gifts for Your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you might be starting to think about what you want to gift that special someone. Classics like chocolates and roses are always great stand-bys—but why not do something a little more creative this year? Check out this roundup of unique V-Day gift ideas. Spa Gift Set [Etsy]The past few months have […]

How to Host a Household-Only Super Bowl Party You Won’t Soon Forget

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! It’s going to look a little bit different than last year—or maybe a lot different. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun! Bring a bit of normalcy to the day by taking these steps.  Curate the menu. The Super Bowl of football is also the Super Bowl […]

Pro Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now that some time has passed since New Year’s Eve, you might be reflecting on how successful you’ve been at sticking to your resolutions—or maybe how unsuccessful you’ve been. The good news is that 2021 is only getting started. You still have plenty of time to get back on track! Here are a few ways […]

Decorating Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2021

New year, new space! As we leave 2020 behind, you might be considering ways you can move forward even in times that continue to be uncertain. One simple idea? Update your home. Refreshing your space won’t just make staying at home more comfortable, it might also boost your spirits. If you’re looking for decorating ideas, […]

How to Incorporate Pantone’s New Colors of the Year Into Your Decor

In case you missed it, Pantone decided to select not one, but two Colors of the Year for 2021. It was an unusual move that marked the end of an exceptionally unusual year. Both hues—a soothing gray and a mood-boosting yellow—were selected for their ability to make staying at home a happier experience. Here are […]