The Perks of Putting Down Roots Off-Campus at UMBC

June 27, 2016

Living in off-campus housing requires more forethought than just waiting to be assigned a dorm on campus. When you live in an apartment, you’re responsible for choosing your own roommate, paying the rent every month, and finding the time to work on assignments amid a sea of distractions. The following tips can help you prepare for living in off-campus housing near the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Create a Budget

Part of being on your own is coming up with a realistic monthly budget so that you live within your means. You should actually figure out your budget before you start looking for housing. You don’t want to sign a lease only to find out you can’t actually afford to stay in the apartment. You can start creating a budget by calculating how much your rent and utilities are going to cost each month. You should also add your books, groceries, and spending money to the budget. Make sure your income is greater than your expenses, preferably by a large margin.

Find Your Roommate

It’s important to take your time when selecting a roommate. It’s understandable that you may want to room with a pal, but you should make sure this friend is someone who shares the same lifestyle habits as you. Rooming with someone who is messy or repeatedly late on rent could put a strain on your friendship. You should also create a roommate agreement that you can both reference if there is a disagreement over payments or household responsibilities.

Stay Disciplined With Studying

It’s easy to get distracted from studying when you live off campus. A quiet backup location for studying is convenient on days when your roommates or neighbors draw your attention away from assignments. You can always spend time at the university library, public library, or a cafe with free Wi-Fi. You can also ask a relative or friend if you can study at their place until the hubbub has calmed down at your apartment.

Keep Transportation In Mind

You should always keep the commute to campus in mind when looking for an apartment. A long trip to class will only add to the stress that comes with college-level coursework. So it’s recommended that you find housing within walking distance of campus. This way, you can walk to school when you don’t have reliable transportation.

The University of Maryland campus in Baltimore County also offers a shuttle and charter bus service to all students, courtesy of UMBC Transit. Check out more public transportation options provided by the Maryland Transit Administration.

Use the Campus Amenities

The University of Maryland Baltimore County offers a range of on-campus amenities to all students. You can visit University Health Services for routine physical exams, vaccinations, and treatment of acute illnesses. The University Counseling Center offers support for family issues, anxiety, and anything else that might come up during your college career. The UMBC Library is a great place to study, do research, and work on projects for class.

Living in off-campus housing near the University of Maryland, Baltimore County can be a great experience. All you need to do is create a monthly budget, find the right roommate, and make sure you have reliable transportation to class.

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