Working From Home? Here’s How to Be More Productive

August 23, 2019

Working from home comes with countless perks—the zero-minute commute, the flexible hours, the option to stay in your PJs all day. But there’s also one major drawback: It can be hard to focus outside of a traditional office space. Follow these tips to boost your working-from-home productivity.

  1. Set the stage. Before you even open your email, your surroundings have already determined how successful your day will be (at least, to a degree). Create a serene space that’s dedicated to working only. Beyond the basics like a desk, chair, and computer, make sure you have plenty of natural light and a houseplant or two. These features will boost your mood, and, as a result, your productivity.

  2. Minimize (but don’t eliminate) distractions. It’s easy to get distracted at home with all your stuff at arm’s reach. While it’s okay to take a short break every now and then, it should be comparable to the type of breather you’d take in a traditional office—like grabbing a sip at the water cooler. So keep anything distracting out of sight, and only allow yourself a minute or two to recharge every now and then outside of your set meal break.

  3. Declutter frequently. Too much stuff, in general, can become a distraction. That’s true even if you’re working in a conventional office, but especially so when you’re working from home and your desk becomes a catch-all for junk mail and other odds and ends. Spend a few minutes each day or each week clearing any unnecessary clutter from your desk to keep the workspace serene.

  4. Get dressed and get going. It’s probably tempting to roll right out of bed and get to work—and it’s okay to indulge this inclination every now and then—but looking professional goes hand in hand with behaving like a professional. So on an average day, stick to a normal morning routine like you would if you were going into an office. Get up early, get showered and dressed, eat breakfast and make your cup of coffee, and then get to work.

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