Glam Up Your Gourd With These Pumpkin Decorating DIYs

October 25, 2019

You probably shake up your decor a bit when autumn rolls around. It’s the perfect time of year to bring on the twinkle lights and the leafy garlands. But if you’re bored with the standard autumnal decor, you can bring the extra glitz with these pumpkin decorating DIY ideas.

Confetti Pumpkins
Get your pumpkins Halloween party-ready by adding a dash of confetti! These confetti pumpkins are super simple to make. Start by grabbing a few faux pumpkins at the craft store in varying sizes—and while you’re there, pick up some white satin spray paint. Coat each pumpkin in the paint and allow them to dry. Then simply use glue to affix glitzy confetti to your pumpkin in whatever pattern you deem most stylish.

Glitter Glam Pumpkins
If you really want to make a statement with your gourds, there’s a simple two-step process. Step one: drench them in glitter. Step two: perch them atop pedestals. To recreate these glitter glam pumpkins, start by making your pedestals out of candlesticks and small matching plates. Then adorn your pumpkins with glue and glitter in any pattern you like, from polka dots to stripes. Arrange the pedestals to show off your pumpkins on the coffee table or the dining room table.

Paint-Dipped Pumpkins
Maybe glitter and confetti don’t really suit your decorating style. This simple paint-dipped pumpkin might be a better option. Once you grab a gourd at the pumpkin patch, bring it home and wash it off thoroughly (first hot soapy water, followed by rubbing alcohol). Then wrap a piece of painter’s tape around the middle, making sure it’s in a straight line. Follow up by brushing your favorite color of paint onto the bottom of the pumpkin (you may have to apply two coats). Once you’re done, let it dry and remove the tape. You’ll have a sweet, simple pumpkin to put on display. 

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