Anyone Can Care for These Resilient Houseplants

November 29, 2019

Are you guilty of receiving a houseplant as a gift, only to quickly let it wilt and wither away? Even if you’re not exactly a natural when it comes to being a plant parent, there are still some houseplants hardy enough to withstand just about anything. Here are a few houseplants that practically anyone can keep alive.

  • Herbs. As long as you have enough sunshine, herbs will flourish without much help. Start with common herbs like mint and basil, and plant the seedlings in small pots lined up along a windowsill—preferably in the kitchen, so you always have them on hand!

  • Snake plant. The snake plant is named for the long, green leaves that resemble its serpentine namesake. It’s undeniably appealing to look at, and even easier to keep alive. Just water it once or twice throughout the winter and stow in a spot with low light.

  • Succulents. Succulents aren’t just super easy to care for, they’re also having a major moment right now in interior design. That’s probably because there are so many varieties and you can plant them in just about anything, from a pot to a terrarium. Best of all, you only have to water them occasionally, and they don’t require a ton of light to thrive.

  • Lavender. It’s pretty easy to tell when lavender needs more water. The soil will appear dry. Other than that, it just needs a modest amount of natural light to survive. Its calming aroma and pretty purple flowers make it the ideal houseplant for anyone feeling stress or anxiety.

  • Aloe. As a kid, you might have cracked open aloe to soothe a bad sunburn. The plant is good for soothing just about any minor injury, like small cuts and scrapes, and it only needs to be watered every few weeks. You can let the soil get very dry in between waterings.

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