What’s Your Favorite Rum at Mutiny Pirate Bar and Island Grille?

Mutiny Pirate Bar and Island Grille boasts one of the largest collections of rum in the country—a selection that would make any pirate captain proud. It takes up an entire page of the bar menu and showcases spirits from as far away as Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Anguilla. You're encouraged to drink a sip […]

Chow Down on Korean Fried Chicken at Bonchon Chicken

Bonchon Chicken is named for and known for its signature Korean fried chicken, which comes dressed in either soy-garlic sauce or a spicy dressing. A new offshoot of this chain opened in June not far from your apartment, so now you can easily see (and taste) what's made the fried chicken restaurant so popular. Since […]

Upgrade Your Surf and Turf at Backfins Grille

The "Cake and Turf" at Backfins Grille one-ups your standard surf and turf. The dish pairs a massive jumbo lump crab cake with an eight-ounce filet mignon, which the chef smothers with the house's signature BAM sauce. This entree is just one example of the quality American fare that Backfins Grille started serving up at […]

Bite Into a Baltimore Roll at Szechuan Cafe

One of Szechuan Cafe's most popular rolls is the Baltimore, and you might be surprised by how simple it is. The roll features shredded crabstick with mayo and avocado, all tucked inside of an outer layer of rice. Although it may not be over-the-top, customers say it's one of their favorite items on the menu. […]

The Breakfast Shoppe Specializes in Lavish Morning Eats

Thick slabs of challah bread coated with a house-made battered, griddled to golden-brown, and served with strawberry compote and whipped cream on top. This is the French toast that customers rave about at The Breakfast Shoppe. The only additions that could possibly make it more appealing are a frosty glass of freshly squeezed OJ and […]

Enjoy Inventive Tex-Mex Cuisine at Lista’s Grill

Flame-seared flat iron steak, gooey cheese, charro beans, and hearty Texas chili. They all ooze from the Cowboy Burrito, a popular Tex-Mex creation at Lista's Grill. The massive, overstuffed burrito is just one example of the ways Lista's chef revamps classic Mexican cuisine with an American Southwest twist. The Big Juan Burrito combines an Americanized […]

Usher in Warmer Weather at The Point Crab House and Grill

Summer, winter, or any season in between, you'll always feel like you're outside at The Point Crab House and Grill. Its exterior consists of enormous glass garage doors that allow the natural light to pour in during the colder months and open up to let fresh breezes inside when it's warm out. Of course, you […]

Pascal’s Chophouse: Ranch-to-Table Steaks and Farm-to-Table Sides

The team at Pascal's Chophouse believes in supporting their fellow small-scale entrepreneurs whenever possible. To this end, they source their USDA Prime steaks from a local butcher. They enlist ingredients from nearby farms. They gather most of their wines from organic or biodynamic small-batch producers. Since the steakhouse opened in December, the unique approach to […]

Enjoy a Local Craft Beer at the Crooked Crab Brewing Company

Three Maryland natives and craft beer enthusiasts were enjoying a pint at a brewery in Rockville, a typical weekend activity for the trio, when something struck them. Anne Arundel County was sorely lacking in its own local breweries. As people who loved a good pint, they couldn't overlook this gaping hole in the craft beer […]

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House Pours More Than Just Stout

Although the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House has only officially debuted its "test taproom," a raw space in what will eventually be a polished bar and production brewery. Right now, the team is more focused on brewing authentic Guinness stouts and lagers than they are with creating an elegant atmosphere. That being said, […]