Kick Off Your Weekend With a Pizza From BP Kitchen

The pizza chefs at BP Kitchen love to get inventive with their pies. The Friday Night White is a prime example of their culinary creativity. In addition to a layer of classic mozzarella cheese, the chefs also add pepper jack and feta to a foundation of roasted garlic Alfredo sauce. Then they load on spicy […]

Roommate Drama? Here’s How to Keep the Peace

Living with other people can be fun and rewarding, but it also comes with certain challenges. It takes a while to learn how others operate on a daily basis, and there can be bumps along the way. If you find yourself butting heads with one of your roommates, follow these tips to bring everything back […]

Now Open Near The Boulevard: AH Afghan Cuisine

Even though AH Afghan Cuisine only opened about two months ago, foodies who have their finger on the pulse of the culinary community are already calling it a hidden gem. It’s “hidden” because the restaurant itself isn’t anything particularly grandiose, no more than a handful of tables and a service counter. But the cuisine, on […]

Working From Home? Here’s How to Be More Productive

Working from home comes with countless perks—the zero-minute commute, the flexible hours, the option to stay in your PJs all day. But there’s also one major drawback: It can be hard to focus outside of a traditional office space. Follow these tips to boost your working-from-home productivity. Set the stage. Before you even open your email, […]

Quick and Easy Updates for a Rental Kitchen

Just because you don’t technically own your kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t make any upgrades. As long as it’s temporary and won’t cause damage upon removal, you’re welcome to add as much flair to your rental kitchen as you like! Here are a few ways to do it. Dress up your cabinets. You don’t have […]

Enjoy Fresh, Seasonal Fare at Urban Plates

The kitchen team at Urban Plates cares about the earth and the customers, which is why they’re so selective when it comes to their ingredients. They opt for locally, sustainably, and ethically sourced foods whenever possible to craft healthy meals that also happen to taste delicious. The menu is composed of salads, sandwiches, bowls, and […]

Beat the Heat This Summer With These Outdoor Workout Tips

It would be a shame to stay cooped up in the gym when the sun is shining outside! But the summer heat does present its own set of problems for outdoor workouts—the threats of heat exhaustion and sunburn, to name a few. Avoid common outdoor workout pitfalls with these tips. Dress (and apply sunscreen) accordingly. When […]

Move-In Essentials for First-Time Renters

If you’re brand new to renting, welcome! You might have a few questions about the best way to prepare for moving into your first place, like what to pack. This handy guide about move-in essentials will help you transition into your apartment with ease. Kitchen and pantry basics. If you’ve been living at home, in […]