Shabuya Brings Japanese Hot Pot Cooking to Concord

November 16, 2018

Shabuya debuted a new approach to Japanese hot pot cooking (AKA shabu shabu) in October. Some things are the same, like the wide variety of flavorful broths and the hot plate at the center of each table, but the buffet-style ingredients bar at the heart of the restaurant is unique. The kitchen team stocks it with fresh seafood, chopped veggies, and a variety of noodles to complement your main meats.

When you opt for the all-you-can-eat option, you’re welcome to make as many repeat visits to the ingredients bar as you like. You’re also invited to order a nonstop parade of meats, which are prepared in the kitchen and delivered directly to your table. Try the Wagyu beef round, the Shabuya special short rib, or the thinly sliced pork belly. Sear these meats, plus your chosen veggies and seafood, in the bubbling broth you select. Once everything has cooked to your liking, dig into your feast.

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