Commit to Your New Year’s Resolution at Concord Fit Body Boot Camp

January 4, 2019

This year, don’t push your New Year’s fitness resolution to the back of your mind once February rolls around. Join a group of other folks committed to staying healthy all year long at Concord Fit Body Boot Camp. Its engaging, ever-changing fitness classes will always keep you on your toes and excited to come back for the next.

The boot camp classes rely on the technique of high-intensity interval training to boost your metabolism. This includes spurts of energy mixed with periods of “active rest,” as well as Exercise Stacking—which means performing a couple of movements at the same time. The workout may seem daunting, but every participant is encouraged to tailor it to their own limitations, so you can progress at your own pace. You might be surprised by how quickly you improve in the encouraging group setting at Concord Fit Body Boot Camp.

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