Why You Should Consider a Short- Term Apartment in Gaithersburg

August 1, 2016

If you’re planning on moving to Gaithersburg for just a few weeks or months, you probably don’t want to lock yourself into a year-long lease. That’s when short-term rentals in Gaithersburg can come in handy. For those who are unfamiliar with short-term housing, here’s a beginner’s guide.

Who is Short-Term Housing For?

Short-term housing is most appropriate for people who have taken temporary jobs that require them to live in Gaithersburg for just a few months until the job is completed. It’s also ideal for students who don't want to live on campus or at home, but would rather rent an apartment for a semester or two while they attend classes.

Financial Perks of Short-Term Housing

Short-term housing tends to be a cost-effective solution for people who only plan on staying in Gaithersburg for a brief period of time. While the monthly rate for short-term housing is sometimes slightly higher than the rent for a standard apartment, renting short-term could still pay off in the long run. Take into consideration the fact that you have to sign a six-month or year-long lease when you rent a typical apartment. If you only actually stay for a few months, you’ll still be responsible for paying rent even after you move out or, at the very least, incur some type of fee for breaking your lease. And that’s only if your landlord is flexible enough to allow you to break the lease—many aren’t.

Short-Term Housing and Moving

When you choose to get a furnished short-term apartment, you won't have to worry about bringing your couch with you to your new residence. Furnished units come with the basic furniture that you'll need like a bed, sofa, and so on. All you'll have to bring with you is your toothbrush, clothing, and other necessities.

Short-Term Housing vs. AirBNB and Extended-Stay Hotels

For people who plan on staying in Gaithersburg for a few months, short-term housing is generally cheaper than using an AirBNB-style room-sharing service or an extended-stay hotel. Plus, short-term housing units can be decorated to feel like home, unlike a hotel room.

What's Nearby?

It’s essential to know where a few important businesses are located before you move. For instance, if you ever need to ship packages, send certified business letters, buy stamps, or use any other postal services, you should know where the USPS office is located. Gaithersburg's post office is conveniently stationed on Stedwick Road. Likewise, when you're in need of fresh produce, Giant Food is one of the most popular grocery stores in the area. The local Giant also features a pharmacy and bank in-store for your convenience, in addition to a beauty shop, florist shop, and other helpful extras.

If you've taken a job in Gaithersburg and need a temporary place to stay, there are plenty of furnished short-term rental units in the area to accommodate your needs. Not only are short-term rentals the ideal solution for temporary housing, but they also offer you numerous benefits in these temporary living situations, benefits that traditional apartments just can’t provide.

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