Enjoy Dinner and a Movie at Cinepolis Luxury Cinema

January 17, 2020

Visit Cinepolis Luxury Cinema, and enjoy a movie in style. Think about Cinepolis Luxury Cinema as a classy restaurant and lounge that also shows movies. Come early to hang out at the gorgeous bar, sip on a signature cocktail, and have a few nibbles before the show. Once it’s showtime, find your ultra-comfortable seat and order a gourmet meal. The stealthy staff will deliver your food with minimal movie interruption, and even bring you a refill on your drink.

Cinepolis Luxury Cinema has six auditoriums, each boasting cutting edge technology in visuals and sound for all the newest releases. All of these high-end perks, and Cinepolis Luxury Cinema even boasts a lower price per show than other fancy theaters nearby.

Visit the website to see the latest showtimes, and to preview the menu before you go.

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