Drink to Your Health at Shafa Blends in Gaithersburg

February 21, 2020

“Shafa” is a Farsi and Arabic word that translates to “healing.” So Shafa Blends is a fitting name for a family-owned business that is geared toward healing from the inside out. At Shafa Blends, co-owners Farah, Darioush, and Kimia stock specialty teas, herbs, spices, and other foods crafted with better health in mind.

In fact, they and their team handcraft all of their gourmet products themselves. That includes teas like the Eucalyptus Boost, a blend designed to enhance your immune system, ease stress, and even soothe the respiratory effects of a cold. Many of the loose-leaf teas are geared toward specific ailments, like arthritis or digestive issues. When it comes to the herbs and spices, some of them serve a specific wellness-related function—and others just taste delicious. Pick up some black lava salt, Vietnamese cinnamon, or za’atar seasoning to try in your cooking.

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