Play a Round of Mini Golf at Golden Tee Golfland

A fairytale castle. A towering lighthouse. A trio of multi-hued dragons. These are just a few of the obstacles you'll encounter at Golden Tee Golfland. It boasts a pair of mini-golf courses tucked away in a beautifully landscaped section of northern California. Billed as the region's "original" mini golf course, Golden Tee Golfland has everything […]

Enjoy an Artfully Crafted Cup of Java at Eon Coffee

Customers have lots of reasons to rave about the java at Eon Coffee. For one thing, its team only sources the very best specialty Arabica coffee beans. Then the in-house expert roasts them carefully to highlight the beans' natural flavor notes. Afterward, he cools them rapidly in order to seal in those flavors. And when […]

Grab a Seat in the Balcony at Chabot Cinema

In this day and age, it's rare to find a movie theater that charges less than $10 a ticket. But Chabot Cinema isn't like most movie theaters. Although it screens first-run films at the same time as its fellow theaters, Chabot Cinema sticks to old-school traditions in almost every other regard. For one thing, even […]

Sink Your Teeth Into a Classic Burger at Beep’s Burgers

The original Beep's Burgers in San Francisco has been part of the local culinary scene since the early '60s. So although its new branch in Hayward just debuted in March, the eatery's roots date back decades. Which means its team has had plenty of time to perfect its burger. They haven't had to change much […]

Sink a Spoon Into Pine Nut Ice Cream at Don Gaspacho Paleteria & Snacks

Pine ice cream. Lime-cucumber soda. Charred corn encrusted with hot Cheetos. Expect the unexpected at Don Gaspacho Paleteria & Snacks. This popular eatery specializes in both classic and not-so-classic Mexican treats. Those treats have earned it a flawless five-star average rating on Yelp with more than 100 reviews. So the next time you're craving something […]

Work Together to Escape the Room at Xcapade Entertainment

Renowned Egyptian archaeology expert and animal love Professor Geoffrey Havas has gone missing. It's been about a week since anyone caught sight of him, and you've decided to take matters into your own hands. You head to his lodge in the middle of the forest to search for clues as to where he might be. […]

Enjoy Freshly Crafted Treats at Charlotte’s Ice Cream and Cafe

Chocolate-covered bacon. Salted caramel cheesecake. Cookie-ice cream sandwiches. These are a few of the freshly crafted treats that await at Charlotte’s Ice Cream and Cafe. The popular dessert shop boasts more than 150 reviews and a 4.5-star average on Yelp thanks to its unique confections, all made from scratch. Whether you want a slice of […]

Travel Halfway Across the World at the Hayward Japanese Gardens

Each piece of weathered wood in the Hayward Japanese Gardens didn't get that way by accident. The traditional Japanese garden structures are crafted from pieces of wood that were meticulously preserved using a mix of burning (via blowtorch), brushing with wire brushes, and applying wood preservatives. This gives the wooden structures their aged look and […]

Sip on the Zobo Hibiscus Drink at Golden Safari

The sweet, cranberry-colored Zobo drink has already won over many customers in Hayward, despite the fact that Golden Safari just started pouring it in November. This was when the African eatery made its grand debut, bringing intercontinental cuisine to Foothill Boulevard. Come to try the signature hibiscus drink, the Zobo, or the house-made ginger beer […]