Make Your Studio in El Cerrito Feel Spacious with These Decorating Hacks

August 2, 2016

You don’t have to worry about a lack of space when you’re renting one of the studio apartments in El Cerrito. You can easily create a cozy environment by making the most of the square footage you do have. Use the following apartment decorating tips to maximize the space in your studio apartment.

Divide Your Space With Furniture

You can use different pieces of furniture to separate the space in your apartment. This method also allows you to create a storage solution for each zone. A bed nestled between the wall and back of a bookcase creates a cozy area for relaxing. You can also use a bookcase to separate the dining area from the rest of your zones. Enlist an entertainment center with built-in shelves or cabinets to section off the living room from your sleep and dining areas.

Invest In Tables With Storage

The best way to make the most of your space is to invest in multipurpose furniture. Why fill your apartment with storage bins when you can get several uses out of one piece of furniture? One example is an end table with drawers. The top of the table can be used for your remote control and table lamp, and you can store your phone charger and magazines inside the drawers.

Eliminate The Clutter

Go through your belongings and get rid of any items that you never use. The items that are in good condition can be sold, donated, or given to your friends. Toss out anything that’s expired or damaged. You can prevent the clutter from returning by limiting what items you bring into your apartment in the future. Make it a rule that you can’t buy a new item unless you really need it or you’re replacing an old item.

Turn the Corner Into a Dining Nook

The key to making the most of your space is to think outside the box. You can turn a simple corner into a cozy nook that defines your dining area. All you have to do is purchase a corner bench and cover it with soft cushions. A round table takes up less space in the dining area, but a square table gives you more space to enjoy your meals. You should pick a table that fits in the corner without eating up a lot of room. You can place a smaller bench or two dining chairs on the other side of the table. A dining nook creates an area for eating without getting in the way of your cooking.

Shop at Local Home Stores

The best way to find the furniture you need is to shop at local home stores. Teak Me Home carries eco-friendly products such as console tables, end tables, and dining sets. You can find cabinets, dining tables, and more at Fenton MacLaren Home Furnishings. The store also gives you the option to order custom bookcases for your living space. You can find the bedding you need for your chest bed at Nest Bedding. Shopping in local home stores is a great way to find unique pieces and give back to the community.

You are sure to enjoy the cozy vibe of studio apartments in El Cerrito. You can make the most of your place by trying some of these space-maximizing decorating tips

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