Enjoy the Community-Centered Atmosphere at El Cerrito Yoga

June 15, 2018

There's a reason that El Cerrito Yoga earned the title of Calmest Studio in the Bay Area. Owner Algin fosters an atmosphere in which guests can truly unwind, keeping class sizes small and encouraging engagement with fellow yogis. It's this community-oriented environment that quickly sets practitioners at ease, whether it's your first visit to El Cerrito Yoga or your hundredth.

Guests say that the Bikram yoga classes tend to be incredibly diverse, too, so you'll never feel judgment or discomfort. Start at a beginner class to learn the 26 basic poses of Bikram yoga and the two breathing techniques. You'll also learn to cope with the heat—the temperature hovers around 103 degrees. This intense heat actually makes your practice easier, as it allows your muscles to stretch more comfortably without the threat of injury. Plus, as one student puts it, you're too busy wiping the sweat from your brow to feel self-conscious, even if you're a newbie.

Public Domain/Pixabay/StockSnap
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