Simple Steps Toward a Tidier Closet

January 24, 2020

When living in an apartment—or any space where square footage is at a premium—the easiest way to combat clutter is to prevent it in the first place. Case in point: your apartment’s closet. With some strategic thinking and organizational know-how, it’s possible to stay one step ahead of those heaps of laundry and tangled messes of scarves and shoes. Here are some tips to help you set up (and maintain!) a neat and tidy closet.

  • Out with the old. First thing’s first: Donate or trash anything that you no longer wear. Resist holding onto items for sentimental value; you need to make use of every square inch! If the thought of doing a full closet overhaul is too intimidating, set a stopwatch for 30 minutes and do as much as you can during that allotted time.
  • Assess and accessorize. Take a step back and assess your closet’s problem areas. Which items tend to get piled on the floor? Which items do you tend to lose track of? Once you identify these paint points, you can alleviate them with a strategically placed accessory—think racks for tangled neckties and jewelry, labeled boxes for shoes and off-season wear, and an extra hamper to prevent overflow onto the floor.
  • Organize and prioritize. There’s no limit to how you can organize your closet, whether you want to group items by color, by occasion, or some other method. But either way, it makes sense to keep your oft-used items in a spot that’s easy to access, and tuck away anything that you don’t regularly wear.

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