Shop Japanese Imports at Yaoya-San in El Cerrito

February 21, 2020

Yaoya-San brings authentic Japanese groceries to El Cerrito at the Jay Vee Shopping Center. Its aisles are stocked with all the ingredients you need to make your own fresh sushi, shabu-shabu, or ramen—but you can also let other local businesses do the hard work for you. Yaoya-San offers bento boxes from Berkeley’s Musashi Bento and sits right next to a ramen restaurant, Katanaya.

Come and explore the grocery store to assemble all the ingredients you need if you opt to make your own meal. Start in the seafood section to find fresh fish for sushi or sashimi, or pick up some thinly sliced beef or pork to craft your own sukiyaki. You’ll need seasonal fruits and veggies to accompany the main course, which Yaoya-San also has, along with deli items like seaweed salad. You can also grab Japanese beer, sake, and shochu to wash down your homemade feast.

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